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Athens Directory Search

ArtZone42, located in Pagrati on Vasileos Konstantinos Avenue, was founded in 2007 and supports and promotes creators of art from Greece and abroad. In the small but fine gallery there are always exhibitions and art talks. ...more
Leof. Vasileos Konstantinou 42, Pagrati, Athens, Attica, Greece 11635
Athens Gallery offers guests the chance to experience the world of Modern Greek art. The gallery pieces from of all major Greek arts, crafts and ceramics. Here you can see work from the mainland as well as the islands of the country as well as many ...more
Pandrossou 14, Monastiraki, Athens, Attica, Greece 10556
The Blender Gallery is a contemporary hub of culture and entertainment based in the southern part of Athens. It is a gallery that "blends" all sorts of artistic expression, events and creative activities for kids and adults. ...more
Zisimopoulou 4, Glyfada, Attica, Greece 16674
The gallery is continuously breaking new ground in bringing the work of talented local artists to the attention of their international clientele. Visit the website to find the locations of the other Zoumboulakis galleries and art loft that focus ...more
Pl. Filikis Eterias 20, Kolonaki, Athens, Attica, Greece 10673
Martinos Gallery has existed in Monastiraki for over 100 years. Every day there are new arrivals. When you enter you will need some time to begin to distinguish between the various objects. There are valuable items and fine collectibles such as ...more
Pandrossou 50, Monastiraki, Athens, Attica, Greece 10555
The Pandora Art Gallery, in the heart of the old Plaka, has become synonymous with artistic development in Athens. Their portfolio encompasses contemporary fine arts, special edition ceramics, and bronze statues. ...more
Adrianou 70, Plaka, Athens, Attica, Greece 10556
Housed in a neoclassical building, the Bernier-Eliades Gallery, devoted to promoting contemporary art in Greece. It features contemporary artists whose work is frequently provocative, including Tony Oursler, Nikos Navridis and, British artists ...more
Eptachalkou 11, Thissio, Athens, Attica, Greece 11851
In Technohoros Art Gallery in Koukaki district you will find a large collection of more than 500 contemporary artworks. An ideal place which invites you to invest, collect or just to marvel. Large items can be shipped worldwide. ...more
Lempesi 4, Koukaki, Athens, Attica, Greece 11742
Magda Roumelioti studies at the Universita di Lettere e Filosofia in Florence and is engaged in a very special kind of art - mosaic art. Today she lives and works in Athens, and runs a small art gallery near the Acropolis. Here you will find a ...more
Lempesi 9, Makrygianni, Athens, Attica, Greece 11742
Gallery Demeter in Plaka offers high quality, handmade replicas of famous archaeological museum pieces. Here you can find armor, helmets, and statues made of bronze, marble, and ceramic. ...more
Vyronos 8, Plaka, Athens, Attica, Greece 10558
Apostol's bronze and glass sculptures have gained popularity for their extraordinary design and craftsmanship. He has had exhibits in many Greek and International galleries. His "Seahorse", "Mermaid" and various sized "Fish" sculptures are highly ...more
Pandrossou 14, Plaka, Athens, Attica, Greece 10556
Ioannidou Art Gallery is a small gallery in the heart of Plaka where you can find unique artwork. The owner, Ms. Ioannidou will make you feel comfortable while giving you as much time as you need to make your choices. It is an alternative gift ...more
Vackhou 1, Plaka, Athens, Attica, Greece 10558