4-Wheel Bicycles in Athens

4-Wheel Bicycles in Athens

4-wheel bicycles are bikes with 2 steering wheels on each side and an electric pedal to assist the rider's pedal-power that can accommodate 2 or 4 adult passengers. They are also covered with a canvas to ride both in rain or sunshine.

Reasons why to use a 4-Wheel Bike:

  • Eco friendly, relaxing and fun for the whole family
  • A perfect introduction to Athens
  • Able to see the coastline of Athens as well
  • On pedestrian walkways, so it is very safe
  • Suitable for all ages, combines fun with sightseeing
  • Requires minimum physical effort due to the electrical pedal and the fact that you can cycle or drive on rotation. It's a mild form of exercise


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4-Wheel Bicycles
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