Collections of the Lalaounis Jewelry Museum

Collections of the Lalaounis Jewelry Museum

The permanent collection of Lalaounis Jewelry Museum is augmented with donations including jewelry and decorative arts from all over the world.

The works of jewelry and micro-sculptures on display are selection from over 17,000 pieces created the master jewelers of Lalaounis' workshop since 1940 – including Ilias Lalaounis' designs in 50 collections. These have been divided into 6 areas within the galleries on the 1st floor and supported by an Info Kiosk in 7 languages, DVDs playing all day, Maps and Wall Texts. On the 2nd floor, micro-sculptures from the permanent collections storage, alternate with special temporary exhibitions with decorative arts objects.

Furthermore, the museum accommodates the archives of the Ilias Lalaounis Collections which include models, designs, photographs and digital data.

- Ilias Lalaounis - A biography
- Section I: The Golden Dawn of Art
- Section II: The History of Ancient Greek Art 
- Section III: Collections Inspired From Other Civilizations
- Section IV: Collections Inspired From Nature
- Section V: Collections Inspired From Space, Biology and Technology
- Section VI: Special Commissions and Private Donations

Temporary exhibitions with decorative arts, cultural programs focusing on research and educational programs for children regarding the ancient art of goldsmithing, publications and adult cultural activities are included regularly in museum’s agenda.


Lalaounis Jewelry Museum
Collections of the Lalaounis Jewelry Museum


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