Jewish Museum of Greece

Jewish Museum of Greece

Created in 1977, the museum documents and exhibits material evidence of 2,300 years of Jewish life in Greece. This is a historical and ethnographic museum whose aim is to provide a colorful picture of its progression through the centuries.

The now, non-profit foundation, boasts collections including over 8,000 original artifacts. Most of the pieces, other than those collected by Asher Moissis, President of the Jewish Community of Athens, were those returned by the Bulgarian government. These included personal effects, jewelry, domestic items, synagogue objects and documents, which belonged to the Jews of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace.

More donations were added by individuals and communities, initially from the area of Thessaly, the island of Rhodes and the city of Ioannina. As of the year 2000, the Jewish Museum receives an average of 250-300 new artifacts yearly.

Presently, the facility puts great emphasis on educating visitors, as well as continuous study of the Greek Jews – in collaboration with other foundations and researchers from Greece and abroad – and publishing.


Jewish Museum of Greece
Collections of the Jewish Museum of Greece


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