Collections of the Athens Municipal Gallery

Collections of the Athens Municipal Gallery

Find in the neoclassical spaces of the Municipal Gallery of Athens selected exhibited pieces from past art epochs.

- Full representation of the generation of artists of the '30s

- The collection of works by the famous architect, Ernst Ziller, that are of both artistic and historical interest, and among which are 56 drawings of the National Theater, the Municipal Theater, as well as of private homes.

- also the paintings of ruins by V. Lanza

- the portraits of Mayors and Presidents of Municipal Councils painted by masters of the style (Tsokos, Kalloudis, Iakovides)

- a large number of drawings of the Arts Sanctuary inspired from the Athens of their time.

Guided Tours
The Municipal Gallery's activities include a respectable program of free guided tours of cultural and archaeological sites, with themes such as "Old neighborhoods of Athens", "The Athens of Kostis Palamas", "The 1st Cemetery", "Acropolis" and many others (the program is not conducted during summer).