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Cave of Pan is located at the left side of the wild gorge of Goura where Keladonas river flows and at the south-west foothills of Mount Parnitha which stands 30 km northwest from the city center. The cave at altitude of 690 m consists of a large 70 m ...more
Panos Cave, Attica, Greece 13345
Cave of Lion is situated on the eastern slope of Mount Ymittos, at 550 m elevation and 500 m northeast from Karakovouni peak. The cave is located on route of trail number 10, a mild narrow path marked by red dots painted on the rocks. ...more
Mount Ymmitos, Paiania, Attica, Greece
The Cave of Davelis, or the "Penteli Cave", is located on the south-western slope of the Penteli Mountain.It owes its name to Davelis, a 19th Century bandit who used the cave as his hideout. At the entrance stands a double Byzantine church, built ...more
Davelis Cave, Penteli, Attica, Greece 15236
Koutouki Cave is located on the eastern slopes of Mount Ymittos in the area of Paiania - an eastern suburb of Athens 35 km from the city center. The cave was discovered in 1926, after the accidental fall of a goat down its natural entrance, and was ...more
Koutouki Cave, Paiania, Attica, Greece 19002