Apollo Tower

Apollo Tower

Apollo Tower is the tallest residential building in Athens. It is also the 2nd tallest building in Greece. It's located in the district of Ampelokipoi. Apollo Tower is predominantly known for its vertical extension dating back to the 1950's.

Notably, holding strong to tradition, it has no 13th floor. Located beside the "Panormou" Metro Station, it is predominantly known for a vertical extension style that dates back to the 1950s. The  Apollo Tower stands at 80 meters tall.

During the reign of the Greek Military Junta, the height limit for buildings was eliminated, therefore giving room for much taller buildings to be erected. Also known as "Panormos Tower", it was finished in 1973 with 24 floors total with all-surrounding balconies. Only this fact differentiates it from the other skyscrapers of the city since it emphasizes its use as a living space. It is also divided into 2 wings, the right and the left, and each has its own pair of elevators.

At the 24-hour entrance, there is a concierge - no name buzzers except a special door phone that communicates a concierge with an apartment. The trash is never dropped on the street since on every floor between the 2 wings there is an empty communal space with bins.  The electricity never goes out since there are generators ready to take action in case of emergencies (including the utilization of the elevators, as witnessed after the powerful earthquakes of 1981 & 1999). 

Generally, the Apollo Tower commenced as the first skyscraper for apartments, although now most of them are offices. Notably, nowadays, there are so many doctors working out of the complex that residents complain that they have a whole hospital at their home.

A piece of interesting trivia is that on August 9th, 2013, a man, later found to be called Basilis Theodorou, videotaped and uploaded footage on Youtube of him BASE jumping off the 25th floor. The video accumulated lot of views and quite a bit of media attention from local outlets.

Visit Deos Rooftop Cafe & Bar

In summer 2023, on the 24th floor of Apollo Tower, "Deos" opened to the public. The rooftop bar offers a spacious gastronomy venue with a 360° all-round view of the City.

Breakfast and brunch is served until 15:00. Try coffee specialities, ice cream or a desserts and enjoy the breathtaking view. Also you will find at "Deos" a wide range of food and quality cocktails and drinks.

A swimming pool with sunbeds can be used on the roof terrace for an extra fee.