Skyscrapers in Athens

Skyscrapers in Athens

Athens is not New York and will rather disappoint lovers of high-rise buildings. But how did it come about that a city of almost five million inhabitants has hardly any buildings with more than six or seven floors?

The answer is simple, because according to the law no building in the wide area around the center of Athens is allowed to be higher than the Acropolis.

The Athenians are very proud of their cityscape, which is characterized by the impressive Acropolis Hill and the Lycabettus Hill. Due to this fact, the few existing skyscrapers stand out very much and should not be ignored.

The Athens Tower, the highest building in Greece and the Balkans, was built in the early 1970s and is even earthquake-proof. The Apollo Tower is the highest residential skyscraper, and the Atrina Center Tower in Marousi is the highest building in the northern suburbs of Athens.


Skyscrapers in Athens
Athens Tower
Apollo Tower
Atrina Center Tower
Piraeus Tower


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