Athens Tower

Athens Tower

The Athens Tower is the tallest building in Athens and all over Greece. It is 103 meters high and is of 28 floors, while next to it there is a smaller building of 65 meters long.

Athens Tower is located in the area of Ampelokipoi, right at the beginning of Mesogeion Avenue. It was built between 1970 and 1973 by the architects Vikelas and Kupritis. The site belongs to Marianthi Simou, sister of the well known shipowner and public donator, Evgenios Evgenidis.

It is a glass building of 25 floors of offices, that mimics American standard skyscrapers, yet combining some Greek elements. It is worth mentioning that after the earthquakes of 1981 and 1999, nothing happened to the building due to its special design for exactly those purposes.


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