Athens Wine Week

Athens Wine Week

The Athens Wine Week Festival has been organized from 2014 by the Greek Wine Association, hosting tasting events, with the aim of becoming the protagonist of the Capital.

Following the benchmarks of the London and Madrid Wine Weeks, the Athens Wine Week runs a 3-day Festival of "Oenorama", presenting the world with almost entirely Greek brands.

The main attraction of the festival has turned out to be the very beautiful wine-based dinners that are organized for friends of the grape, not only of the capital and Attica but also across the rest of Greece, as well as abroad. There are partnerships with a plethora of restaurants, wine cellars, bars, schools, producers, and connoisseurs - whose ultimate aim is to inform the world and also to suggest events where you can taste or consume plenty of the stuff!

Of course, every event does not lack a different central-action that gives its own note and a stamp to the whole venture, such as the "1+1 Wine Gift". Meaning that by ordering a specific bottle of wine in associated restaurants, the customer also gets a corresponding bottle as a gift for the house. In this way, the customer has the opportunity to taste the wine in his or her own home, alone or with friends, and to appreciate it with the quietness it will surely deserve.

Athens Wine Week is of great importance, both for lovers of good wine and for those who simply want to try it out. Through the various events, the public comes closer to wine as a product. Sees it, smells it, tastes it, learns things not previously known, and finally appreciates the substance more. The highlight of the festival is to remind the world that wine offers moments of enjoyment, fun, and relaxation on its own special level.

The Athens Wine Festival is usually held in mid-March with an average duration of 5 days.

There is no ticket.

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