Collections of the City of Athens Museum

Collections of the City of Athens Museum

Visitors to the Museum of the City of Athens can enjoy paintings, engravings, statutes, period furniture and other significant evidence of Greece’s modern history.

Over 40,000 pieces dating back from Ancient Hellenic times to the 21st Century are categorized as follows:

- Ancient
- Byzantine , Post-byzantine and Church relics
- Paintings
- Engravings
- Documents
- Photographs
- Stamps
- Rare, precious books and musical texts
- Coins
- Silver utensils and metal objects
- Crystas, porcelain and ceramics
- Valuable fabrics and carpets
- Valuable furniture
- Utensils of everyday use
- Memorabilia and relics
- Musical instruments



- Painting by Jacques Carrey (1684), the largest picturing Athens (3 x 5m) and presents a panoramic view of the capital and he Acropolis prior to its destruction by Morosini (1687)
- Plaster model of Athens as it was in 1872 by Iannis Travlos and Nikos Gerasimov to a scale of 1:1000
- Drawing of the city by Fr. Stauffert made between 1836 and 1843
- The book «The antiquities of Athens by James Stuart and Nicholas Revett (1862)


Museum of City of Athens
Collections of the City of Athens Museum


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