Head Wreaths & Bonbons in Athens

Head Wreaths & Bonbons in Athens

Wedding crowns were founded in ancient Greece and the tradition has continued until this day. During the Byzantium Era, these wreaths were the symbols of royalty and thus they looked like royal crowns. It was considered that, with marriage, a new kingdom was created: the home and the family of the two newlyweds.

During modern times, the marriage wreath is an integral part of the Orthodox wedding ceremony. The priest, holding the headbands forms the sign of the cross on the forehead of the bride and groom before placing them on their heads. The crowns are connected by a ribbon - representing the union of these two people and the beginning of their life together.

The choices of wreaths are vast. They may be exclusively hand-made from fresh flowers/lemon blossoms, or from silver or gold, or from semi-precious stones, pearls, silver ornaments or Swarovski crystals, beads or even leather classic designs.

Wedding bonbon favors (sugared almond candies)  are offered exclusively in an Orthodox ceremony or at a Greek City Hall. These treats should have an odd number of candies, for the Trinity (Father-Son-Holy Spirit). Therefore, it depends on the buyer to choose. For example, one can pick 5 candies of the classic variety and 2 to be in chocolate heart shapes.

Many couples who get married in Greece and belong to other religions and rituals, choose to use wreaths and offer as favors the wedding bonbons. This symbolizes and pays respect to the country the ceremony was performed in... Greece!