Protestant Weddings in Greece

Protestant Weddings in Greece

The main Protestant branches in Greece are the Evangelists, the Adventists, and the Pentecostals. The organization centers of religious life and worship are located in Athens, Thessaloniki and in some areas of the Greek province.

For couples of the same doctrine, the ceremony takes place without any difficulty. For mixed weddings, the same rules apply as written above for mixed weddings. The shifts are mainly from the religion of the minority to the religion of the majority.


The following Documents are required for the Protestant Wedding:

  • Certificate of celibacy by the parish of residence of the intending spouses. For the issuance of this certificate the presence of two adult witnesses (with their ID cards) is needed.
  • Publication of the wedding announcement in a daily newspaper with full details of the pair (2 newspapers, 1 for each). The time of the publication of the announcement time will be 15 days before the wedding date. This will be prompted by the parish to proceed with the procedures of issuing the marriage licenses. The cost is € 25,00.

Protestant Churches in and around Athens:

  • Athens Greek Evangelical Church
    Amalias Avenue 50, 10558 Athens (Syntagma)
    Info: Here are the headquarters

  • International Baptist Church of Agia Triada
    Chelntrech Street 37, 11735 Athens (Neos Kosmos)

  • Piraeus Greek Evangelical Church
    Gladstonos Street 11, 18534 Piraeus
  • Greek Evangelical Church of Nikaia
    Miaouli Street 21, 18453 Nikaia
  • Marousi Greek Evangelical Church
    Anavryton Street 20, 15124 Marousi