Hill of Nymphs

Hill of Nymphs

Hill of Nymphs is located west of Acropolis Hill, in the area of Thissio. On this hill you will found the National Observatory of Athens and the famous Agia Marina Church located.

In 1842, while the architect Theophilus Hansen was building the National Observatory of Athens funded by the national benefactor Georgios Sinas on the top of this hill, where dedications were discovered chiseled in the stones of the garden, thus giving its name to the area.

Also, on this hill there was a temple dedicated to the Nymphs and the Childbirth. Associated with it - not by chance - is Agia Marina (Saint Marina), whose church is nearby. Close to the church, there is a smooth rock, which legend has that pregnant women, by sitting on it and slowly sliding down, would secure a painless and easier delivery.

Height of Hill of Nymphs: 105 m



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