Collections of the War Museum

Collections of the War Museum

The exhibition areas of the War Museum of Greece span over 4 floors and display images of Hellenic history from antiquity to present time.

P.Z. Saroglos Weaponry Collection Exhibition Hall
Here are displayed the rare, valuable, offensive and defensive, hand-to-hand weapons from various periods around the world.

Maps & Prints
Includes Pan-Hellenic maps and prints, revealing the world seen through small works of art that attempt to chart seas, coasts and ports. The goal is to describe the historic events of certain eras and to depict scenes from Greek mythology.

Outdoor Exhibition Areas
The balconies and the garden of the museum are strewn with artillery of different period weapons used by the Greek Navy and aircrafts used by the Hellenic Air Force.


Beginning on the 2nd Floor, prepare to enter several rooms divided into chronologically important events in Hellenic history:

- Antiquity
- The Alexandrian Era
- Byzantium
- The National Revolution
- 1821 Greek War of Independence
- The New Hellenic State 1828-1911
- The Macedonian Struggle 1904-1908
- The Balkan Wars 1912-1913
- World War I 1914-1918
- The Asia Minor Campaign of 1912-1922
- Greek-Italian War 1940-1941
- The German Invasion of 1941 – Trench Warfare- Battle of Crete
- World War II. Allied Operations during 1941-1941
- Occupation – Resistance – Liberation
- Hellenic Expeditionary Force in Korea
- Cyprus Hall


War Museum of Greece
Collections of the War Museum


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