History of Urban Buses in Athens

History of Urban Buses in Athens

At the beginning of the 20th Century, the government had issued a license for the operation of urban buses to private bus owners - who created a union in 1952, K.T.E.L. that was operating under the Organization of Supervision of Urban Buses.

During 1929, the Electric Transportation Company (H.M.) was created, responsible for the operation of trams, trolleys and buses in the main areas of Athens and Piraeus, but in 1956, was limited to trolley operation and was finally phased out during 1970, when it was replaced by todayʼs H.L.P.A.P. (Electric Buses of Athens – Piraeus).

In 1961, the first national urban transportation company was created called Urban Transportation of Athens (A.S.PA.), known also as 7th K.T.E.L., when finally, in 1977, a law was passed that removed the entire license that were previously issued to private bus owners.

At that time, the Urban Transportation Company was created (phased out in 1992) and the Urban Transportation Organization for planning, coordination and supervision of the overall traffic system of the capital, which in 1993 became todayʼs O.A.S.A. (Athens Urban Transport Organisation) with the same responsibilities.

During 1994, the Thermal Buses Company was created (E.T.H.E.L.). Its purpose is the performance and operation of the traffic project with thermal buses, under the jurisdiction of O.A.S.A.


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