Trains (OSE) in Athens & Greece

Trains (OSE) in Athens & Greece

The train is the primarily fastest and most luxurious means of travel in the world, and a proud achievement in Greece - due to the terrain of the main land, which does not favor the rail network.

Founded in 1970, the simple passenger trains of the Hellenic Railways Organization (OSE) have come a long way and play a crucial role to the country's regional development - offering safe, affordable and environmentally friendly passenger transportation.

The InterCity network gave a breath of fresh air to OSE providing modern trains, with international specifications, and offer quality services to the passengers.


They are reliable and reach their destinations faster. With over 10 daily round-trip routes, currently named "TRAINOSE" bridges most of the country's Prefectures - from Patras to Alexandroupolis, in the Northeast and Dikaia to Florina in the Northwest.

TRAINOSE also provides for links to destinations in Central Greece with connecting routes in major network hubs. Moreover, TRAINOSE connects Athens and Thessaloniki to the capitals of most of the country's Prefectures, thus serving thousands of passengers every day.


Trains (OSE) in Athens & Greece
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