Miltiades was most likely born in 554 B.C. and died in 489 B.C. He a member of a wealthy Athenian noble family, the Philaids. Around 516 B.C. he took over the administration of the Athenian leadership at the Thracian Chersonese that was founded by his uncle, whom he was named after.

There, he came into discord with the Persians and was reduced to a subordinate to the King of Persia, Darius. During the Ionian Revolt however, Miltiades helped the revolting Greek with great success. In 493 B.C. he was chosen as the general of Athens (strategos) and in 490 B.C. he led the army of Athens to a significant victory against the Persians at the Plain of Marathon.

Afterwards, Miltiades completed a campaign against the islands that had supported the Persians, but was unsuccessful. Sick from gang green, he was convicted and fined 50 talents and most probably died in jail.

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