Panagi Tsaldari (Pireos Avenue)

Panagi Tsaldari (Pireos Avenue)

The Panagi Tsaldari Avenue or Pireos Avenue is connecting the Athens Center with the Piraeus Port and has its terminal in Omonoia Square.

From its section inside the Municipality of Athens, where visitor interest is concentrated, it passes by the old building of Municipal Gallery of Athens, reaches the entrance of Kerameikos metro station, at the Technopolis of Gazi (an exhibition complex that previously housed the gaslight factory) at the junction of Ermou Street and the exhibition space of Benaki Museum, and lastly continues to the suburb of Piraeus.

Coming from the Piraeus port, you will cross Pireos Street, so before you reach Athens you see a commercial view, resulting from the cityʼs development during the last 40 years. You will find industries that are operating and others that stopped some time ago, to house stores or other carriers.

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▶︎ Panagi Tsaldari (Pireos Avenue)


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