More monuments of the Roman Agora

More monuments of the Roman Agora

In the shadow of the Gate of Athena Archetis or the Hadrians Library of the Roman Agora you can discover many other monuments that will take you back in time with a little imagination.

The Mosque of Fethiye Djami
Or Mosque of the Conqueror, 1456 A.D. This mosque was constructed in the northern area of the Roman Agora on the site of the ruins of an Early Christian basilica in honor of Mohammed of Porthites – who was visiting Athens during that time.

The Agoranomion
A rectangular building east of the Roman Agora. Its façade and three doorways have been saved. An inscription here designates that this building was dedicated to "Divi Augusti", that is, to the emperor Augustus who was considered a god and who also provided the funding for the Roman Agora.

Public Lavatories
A rectangular building from the 1st Century A.D. with an antechamber and a square hall with benches on all four sides and a sewage drain underneath.


Roman Agora of Athens
Hadrian's Library
Gate of Athena Archetis
Tower of Winds (Clock of Andronicus)
More monuments of Roman Agora


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