Friday, 01 December 2023

3 Events in Clubbing

Chatzigianni Mexi 6, 11528
Every Sunday Roha's Club opens its doors and welcomes you for a very danceable night with the best music and fantastic cocktails. The MIΞER team is here to have a great time from early in the morning until the early morning.
Sunday 03.12.2023, 21:30
Evmolpidon 11, 11854
Sundays just got a new colour and it’s totally RED!! Join the very special party at this very special club! The RedRoom Nights - every Sunday at Blast Athens.
Sunday 03.12.2023, 23:00
Triptolemou 50, 17563
The iconic Greek clubbing party series at "Ola Ellinika" in Gazi. At this awesome club on Triptolemou Street every Saturday is "Everything is allowed". Here fashionable people meet and party until the early hours of the next day.
Saturday 02.12.2023, 23:00