Ancient Agora Museum

Ancient Agora Museum

The Museum of Ancient Agora is located in the restored edifice of the Stoa of Attalus (150 B.C.). All the exhibits in the museum are distinctive due to their direct connection with Athenian Democracy because the Agora was considered the nucleus of city life.

The 120 m wide and 20 m high, Stoa of Attalus, was uncovered during the excavations held out by the Greek Archaeological Society between 1859 and 1902. The museum was incorporated during a remodel by the American School of Classical Studies that was concluded in 1956.

From that moment until present time, it has hosted the artifacts that were dug up at the Ancient Agora. Officially, the Hellenic government has been solely responsible for the administration and security of the museum and the archaeological site, since 1957.

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Museum of Ancient Agora
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