Otto de la Roche

Otto de la Roche

The Burgundian nobleman Otto de la Roche was the Duke of Athens and Thebes following the distribution of the lands of the Byzantine Empire by the Crusaders.

He established his headquarters at the Acropolis and either through alliances or through fighting with various other leaders - expanded his power as far as Argolis, Corinthia and Livadeia. Otto de la Roche dismissed the Orthodox archbishop and assigned as the Roman-Catholic archbishop, his fellow countryman, Verardo.

Otto de La Roche also transformed the Parthenon Temple into a Roman-Catholic church. Later came the conflict with the Pope regarding the ownership of certain church estates.

This opposition, however, ceased a little before the danger of spreading the policy of the ruler of Epirus, Theodore Komnenos Doukas. In 1225, Otto de la Roche abandoned Athens and returned to the west - leaving as his successor his nephew, Guy de la Roche.

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