FAQ Going Out in Athens

FAQ Going Out in Athens

Athens nightlife is exciting and diverse. Here is some practical information and faq's about bars, clubbing and parties in the Greek capital.

Can I visit clubs and what do I need to be careful with?

One of the main things this country has to offer is its incredible nightlife! Without a doubt, visitors are welcome anywhere. Be sure to dress as appropriately as possible when going to more chic venues which tend to have doormen/women performing face control. It is also advisable to try to be escorted by a date. For the Pistes / Bouzoukia - the Greek Live Music Clubs, making a reservation is recommended.

What are the best areas for clubbing?

The most popular in downtown are Kolonaki, the area around Syntagma Square, Psiri and Gazi. Urban hangouts can be found in Exarcheia, Pagrati and Koukaki. In the northern suburbs Kifissia and Halandri also have some good hangs. During the summer months, the Athenian Riviera, the suburb Alimos, especially nearby to Akti tou Iliou beach and the suburb Glyfada are a must to visit.

What are the hours the clubs are open?

Normally from 22:00 to 03:30 (weekdays) 05:30 (weekends & holidays).

Is nightlife expensive in Athens?

Honestly, in the past, there were plenty of venues that required a healthy wallet. But nowadays, even the more chic spots can offer economic choices for those on a budget. Note that you should always dress nicely no matter where you go.

Can I use my credit card for clubbing?

Many of the bigger establishments now allow for credit/debit card use. Smaller venues may or may not prefer this form of payment.

Does age play a role in my choice of venue?

Not really. Most Greeks of all ages enjoy many of the same types of entertainment and you will see a pleasant blend of many ages having a great time wherever you may go!

Do I need a mask to enter an entertainment venue?

For right now during the summer months, No. Keep informed by your embassy / consulate what changes regarding health standards in Athens might occur.


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