Shopping in Kolonaki

Shopping in Kolonaki

The commercial activity of Kolonaki focuses mainly around Filikis Etairias Square, and on the streets of Skoufa, Kanari, Tsakalof, Anagnostopoulou, Solonos, Lycabettus, down to Voukourestiou Street.

Walking around the streets and depending on what one is looking for, the consumer begins to window shop. Too numerous to count, we picked out some for their beautiful displays and for the type of items shown.

On Xenokratous Street, the famous weekly bazaar is a benchmark. To this day, the market gathers eminent people, as well as housekeepers, to its tables. Notably, the renowned painter Panagiotis Tetsis created the monumental set of "Street Market", dedicated to this event.

The world of fashion was and still is interwoven in Kolonaki. Designer Lakis Gavalas set up his first shop here. Fashion icons like Billy Bo, Vassilis Kostetsos, Michalis Aslanis, Makis Tselios, Hara Lempesi dressed the entire elite of Greek and international society from this area. Today, the only one remaining in Kolonaki is Mr. Kostetsos.


Filikis Eterias Square (Kolonaki Square)
Lycabettus Hill & Dexameni Square
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Shopping in Kolonaki
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