Modern Districts of Athens

Modern Districts of Athens

Beyond the historic center of the city, at it's north lays the most modern section of downtown Athens - with areas such as Exarcheia and Kolonaki, and further down Kypseli, Patisia, Gyzi and Ampelokipoi.

Many of them surround famous central squares (i.e. Exarcheia Square, Filikis Eterias Square in Kolonaki, Kanari Square in Kypseli), each one of them suitable for a number of activities, attracting groups of Athenians of various ages.

Far from the closeness of the ancient sites in the historic section, the main axons of Athens stretch, such as Alexandras Avenue, Kifisias Avenue and Mesogeion Avenue that lead to the eastern suburbs and northern suburbs, where the city shows its modern face.

This is where the new main section of Attiki Odos is located - a super modern highway that services traffic to and from Athens Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos".

▶︎ Modern Districts of Athens
▶︎ Kolonaki
▶︎ Exarcheia
▶︎ Pagrati & Mets
▶︎ Gazi
▶︎ Ampelokipoi
▶︎ Koukaki
▶︎ Petralona