Syngrou Avenue

Syngrou Avenue

The Syngrou Avenue is named after Andreas Syngros, a Greek banker from Constantinople (today Istanbul). Together with other members, he founded the General Credit Bank (Ethniki Pistotiki Trapeza).

The Syngrou Avenue is one of the few big (and straight…) arteries of Athens. The Avenue is interrupted by very few crossing roads. This secures an almost continuous flow of traffic from Athens downtown – the end of Vasilissis Amalias Avenue, near the Temple of Olympian Zeus – to the coastal road of Poseidonos Avenue. This route creates a border between Kallithea and Nea Smyrni and further down Palaio Faliro.

In the 90s and 2000s there were only few reasons (mainly the car rental companies) for a foreign visitor to visit Syngrou Avenue. But now the image of Syngrou Avenue is changing. Luxury hotels and cultural foundations have settled here and make Syngrou Avenue a real experience.


Syngrou Avenue
Sightseeing on Syngrou Avenue

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