Major Arteries of Athens

Major Arteries of Athens

Coming and going to and from the center of Athens, there are three main arteries that are most useful.

Mesogeion Avenue is considered the best way to travel for those flying into Athens via Athens International Airport. The quickest way to get downtown is via Alexandras Avenue. The well known suburb of Kifissia is accessed easily by taking Kifisias Avenue.

When wanting to leave the city to visit places like Thessaloniki, the Peloponnese or other areas of Greece, your choices are limited to a few but very well constructed highways. These roadways have rest stops and places to grab a bite to eat along the way.

▶︎ Alexandras Avenue
▶︎ Mesogeion Avenue
▶︎ Kifisias Avenue
▶︎ Iera Odos
▶︎ Attiki Odos
▶︎ Kifissou Avenue
▶︎ Athinon Avenue


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