The Polynikes (multi-winners)

The Polynikes (multi-winners)

As it has already been mentioned that the Olympic Games were held every four years. The winners of the Games became famous when writers and poets wrote of their achievements, sculptors erected their statues and painters adorned their likenesses on vases.

Athletes that remain in history as "Polynikes" of their times are:

Milo of Croton
Milo of Croton, who won five consecutive Olympics in wrestling (532 to 516 BC).

Theagenes of Thasos
Theagenes of Thasos, boxer and wrestler of the Pericles era (an era when the games were more athletic and less religious).

Leonidas of Rhodes
Leonidas of Rhodes, who won three foot races (the stadion, diaulos and hoplitodromos (race in armor)) in four consecutive Olympic competitions from 164 to 152 BC.


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