Proastiakos (Suburban Railway)

Proastiakos (Suburban Railway)

The suburban railway (also known as the 'Proastiakos') has brought a new wealth of choices to getting around in and around Athens. It services greater outer suburbs of the city that were not otherwise covered by other means of public transportation, passing areas such a Pallini, Kantza and Koropi.

For example, the route from Acharnon (from the Larissa Metro / Train Station to the Athens International Airport - Eleftherios Venizelos) takes only 40 minutes.

At the same time, the Athens Suburban Railway offer access to major archaeological sites and close by tourist destinations, offering Athens’ residents the chance for a short get-away.

Finally, by transfer on TRAINOSE's buses at the Kiato Station, passengers can reach Patras.

The Lines of Proastikos Athens:

Line 1: Piraeus - Athens Airport
(19 stations, 48.2 km)

Line 2: Piraeus - Kiato
(20 stations, 122 km)

Line 3: Athens - Chalkida (Evia Island)
(19 stations, 82.7 km)

Line 4: Ano Liosia - Athens Airport
(12 stations, 33.2 km)

Line 5: Kiato - Aigio
(9 stations, 65.3 km)

Line 6: Airport - Kiato
(11 stations, 134.6 km)


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Proastiakos (Suburban Railway)
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