Aegina Fistiki Festival

Aegina Fistiki Festival

The Aegina Fistiki Festival is held for close to a decade by the Municipality of Aegina and the Charitable Business of Aegina under the protection of the Regional Island Unity.

The idea for the event began in 2008 when a workshop titled "Keep strong poor peanut" was organized by the citizens of the island and brought to the foreground issues surrounding this product, with an exchange of views and experiences from different countries and cities, such as of the Sicilian natural-producing city of Bronte.

Since then, every September and for 4 days beautiful Aegina celebrates their peanut, its PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) product, which with its unique quality and taste is internationally recognized and accepted.

The center of events is the trade fair that takes place alongside the harbor, where over 40 kiosks are set up to offer visitors plenty of peanuts, its derivatives, delicacies that have peanut as a raw material, as well as various other agricultural products, honey, cheeses and handmade items such as lace, jewelry, and earthenware.

The celebration, of course, does not stop there, but it continues with musical events and live performances by distinguished artists, cultural events as this is an island with unique archaeological sites and buildings, gastronomy events, where good food lovers will taste new imaginative flavors in the competition cooking, but also educational and entertainment functions especially for children, such as storytelling, interactive games, music and dance, painting, constructions, sports activities as well as face - painting.

Moreover, we should not forget to mention the artistic events that are presented during the festival, this is a top event with over 100 artists who show their work in various places on the island such as cafes, bars, shops, buildings and make the island look like a huge exhibition space.

The Aegina Fistiki Festival is an important part of the lifestyle of the people of the nearby island. We should not forget that when you have a product with PDO with worldwide recognition, you do the best to keep it in the first place and demand.

These 4 days of spree and joy, culture and events, where the peanuts predominate either self-contained (salty or unsalted, depending on the taste) or as ingredients in various candies, can only make the visitor of the feast, who is sampling it, to give it an appointment for the next year on the "sweet" days of September.

The Aegina Fistiki Festival usually held in the middle of September with an average duration of 4 days.

The entrance is free to the public.

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