Athens Open Air Film Festival

Athens Open Air Film Festival

The Athens Open Air Film Festival opened its doors in the summer of 2011 and since then has continued its course over the years. During the festival, which takes place in June and September, there are outdoor cinematic projections, concerts and various dramatic events taking place in various tourist venues on the background of Attica monuments, as well as in squares, pedestrian streets, gorges, parks and beaches, all completely free.

The aim of the Athens Open Air Film Festival, which is carried out with the help of various institutions and magazines relating to the arts, is through the various events to emerge the center and the suburbs of Athens so that both permanent residents and tourists to see the city of Athens as a distinct tourist destination.

In his program the festival includes films from the world cinema, classic masterpieces of the seventh art, short and feature films of Greek cinema, vivid movies with live musical background, premieres, as well as artistic suggestions more advanced in terms of views and ideas. All these elements make up an unforgettable event that deserves to have the title of the greatest summer cinema festival in Athens.

Athens Open Air Film Festival is a cultural event that manages to combine love for cinema and art with the projection of the Greek element.

The Athens Open Air Film Festival usually held in early June with an average duration of 3 months.

The entrance is free to the public.

Various cinemas and places in Athens