Aegina Island

Aegina Island

Aegina Island is situated in the Saronic Gulf and is one of the most frequent and beloved summer destinations, for both Greeks and tourists. Aegina island is synonymous with relaxation and fun, wonderful beaches and beautiful coastal walks. A memorable experience is also the tour of the island by carriage.

Aegina took it's name by the God, Aesop's, daughter, Aegina. Mythology states that Zeus, the Father of the Gods fell in love with the prettiest of the 20 daughters of Aesop, Aegina. Zeus kidnapped and transported her to the island of Oenone, where they had a son, Eacus and the island took the name of Aegina.

Departures of Ferries (journey time is 1 hour and 15 minutes) and flying dolphins (journey time is 35 minutes) to Aegina are daily, from the Port of Piraeus - you may also travel with your car. During summertime, from Aegina Island you may daily travel to Methana, Poros Island, Hydra Island, Spetses Island, Porto Heli, Hermione and Agistri.

Attractive and culturally focused, Aegina will impress you at first glance with its picturesque and beautiful beaches and it's welcoming atmosphere. Feel free to enjoy pleasant walking tours in the coastal main road of the island, walk in the small picturesque streets, visit traditional shops of the area, taste the famous and delicious peanuts of Aegina, admire the impressive architecture of the mansions, taste fresh fish in traditional "taverns" and modern restaurants, or just explore and have fun in some of its trendy hangouts.

Aegina Island is also famous for it's pistachios. Many of the pistachio trees have been cultivated in Aegina since 1860. The ideal climate of Aegina and the unique soil composition lend exceptional flavor and aroma to the pistachio. Every year, in September, you can participate in the famous Aegina Fistiki Festival (def. "Pistachios Festival").