Atrina Center Tower

Atrina Center Tower

The Atrina Tower, located on Kifissias Avenue in Marousi, was built between 1977 and 1981. It is the fourth tallest building in Greece with a height of 80 meters, 20 floors and a large underground parking lot.

The architect of the high-rise buildings of the President Hotel and the Tower of Athens, Ioannis Vikelas, and the visionary civil engineer, Babis Vovos, built this glass skyscraper that is considered a jewel of the aesthetic avant-garde in Attica.

The Atrina Tower became known to the public as "Giant", the palace of the character Yagou Drakou, on acclaimed writer/director Nikos Foskolos' TV soap opera "Shine", the Greek version of Aaron Spelling’s "Dynasty". For many years the skyscraper was the home of major companies such as IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and American Dynamic. Entrepreneurs formed a "queue" in order to buy or rent one of its 132 offices, while the ground floor was garnished with well-known branded shops.

Today, the Atrina Tower, which managed to remain upright and untouchable after 2 major earthquakes and a fire on its 6th floor, has now lost its old glory. It gradually passed onto the sidelines but is still considered a major symbol, representing the "glass world" of the buildings of another era and fashion.

If you want to take a photo keepsake of the beauty of the building forever with you, we suggest shooting from the opposite Aegalea Street 50. But where the glory of the building will truly reveal itself is on the back side, particularly at the junction of Triantafyllidi and Epidavrou streets.