The coastal town of Elefsina is also a municipality that is located in West Attica. It is found only 18 km from Athens and with a population of nearly 25,000. Elefsina has the honor of being declared "European Capital of Culture" in 2023 (after Athens in 1985, Thessaloniki in 1997 and Patras in 2006).

Elefsina considered a bright example of how communities can deal with modern challenges. From a downgraded area, it became a town-model to be envied. It turned old factories into cultural venues and, in parallel, acquired a "green profile", as well as adding to the need to support multicultural diversity as promoted by UNESCO.

Artist Steven Antonakos, a prominent member of the Greek diaspora, became widely known for his installation "Search", specifically designed for the Old Olive Factory in Elefsina in 2011, his last show in Greece. Today, Elefsina is a major industrial center, with the largest oil refinery in Greece.

It is the home of the renowned Aeschylia Festival, the longest-lived arts event of over 4 decades, in the Attica Region. Elefsina celebrates culture and art by hosting a vibrant program every summer that aims at placing the arts in the center of the city, while also creating a beneficial liaison with Europe.


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