Kifissou Avenue

Kifissou Avenue

Kifissou Avenue (National Road Athens - Lamia) is located along Kifissos River, the biggest of the three rivers crossing Athens since ancient times. Today Kifissos is just a stream, unless there is a rainstorm in which case it could turn into a torrent bed.

In practicality, this avenue is the extension of the Athens-Thessaloniki National Highway, which enters the city and when it reaches the Municipality of Athens is named Kifissos Avenue.

Acting as a high traffic density road, it ends at the Stadium of Peace and Friendship, giving entrance to the suburb of Piraeus and all of the beachfront areas along Poseidonos Avenue.

During recent years, it has been the recipient of many projects for the restructure of the capitalʼs traffic network and has acquired new bridges, overpasses and underpasses – connecting it with big crossing arteries, such as Iera Odos, Athinon Avenue and Attiki Odos (Attica Highway).

Also, necessary flood control projects have been completed that prevent floods in areas that, in the past, faced serious problems during autumn rains.