East Peloponnese

East Peloponnese

The name of the district of Peloponnese derives from the first king of Atreids of Mycenae, son of Tantalus, Pelops. According to mythology Peloponnese was sacrificed by his father and offered to the gods for dinner, as a test of their intelligence, but Zeus restored him to life and punished Tantalus sentencing him to eternal hunger and thirst.

The eastern Peloponnese region is less than two-hour drive from the center of Athens and offers a high density of fantastic sights. Its hilly landscape, picturesque coastal towns, and important archaeological sites are definitely worth a visit. Loutraki is well known for its thermal springs which are said to help cure rheumatism and skin diseases.

The impressive Corinth Canal was completed in 1893 and helped to bypass a 325-kilometer seaway. The ancient fortress of Mycenae or the Epidauros Theater are among the most important cultural heritages of Greece.

The coastal town of Nafplio is one of the most beautiful in Greece and impresses with its small streets and a magical view of the port. By the way, here you can also dine excellently.


East Peloponnese
Corinth Canal


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