Pentelic Marble Quarry

Pentelic Marble Quarry

In the ancient era, Mount Pentelic was extremely famous for its marble. It was used for the construction of the Acropolis, as well as for other buildings of archaic Athens. The Pentelic marble is flawlessly white with a faint yellow tint, that makes it shine with a golden hue under the sun's light.

The ancient quarry is protected by the law and is exclusively used to obtain material for the Acropolis Restoration Project. In antiquity, the roadway that used to transport the marble blocks from the quarry to the Acropolis was in a continual downhill direction that followed the natural lay of the land.

Professor Manolis Korres, the chief Acropolis restoration architect, has stated the above in a fully documented, award-winning book "From Pentelicon to the Parthenon". Notably, within the mountain, there are also various monasteries, especially in the north-east vicinity.

Dionysso Marble Company

The company was founded in Athens in 1949, with the goal to develop and utilize marble quarries. The original unit of Dionnyssos Trade company was expanded, after decades of continuous active presence in the field of marble trading, into the group that now  processes trades of marble, granite and all types of related materials in Greece and abroad.

Dionnysso Marble Company produces marble and granite in the form of slabs of blocks of fixed dimensions as well as those of final products of artistic processing. The company also produces aggregates such as gravel and rubble. Furthermore, it produces ready to use mortars such as plasters, tile and marble glues, mud, cement, stucco, etc., and filters for plastics, wire and paint industries. The firm is at the top of mineral production and the processing of decorative rocks, vertical integration of the quarry, the continuous upgrading of personnel expertise and the incessant modernization of the equipment.

Throughout history, the old veins traversing the body of Greece has provided us with this noble material. In its white form, or even colored, marble stands for the unique expression of quality in all of its artistic creations.

During the Golden Age of Athens, the famous Pentelic marble quarries began their operation, supplying thousands of cubic meters of the material used to not only build the Acropolis, but all of the Athenian Empire monuments, and further creating most of the Classical-Hellenistic and Roman sculptures. The same Pentelic quarries are still active today as a live link between then and now, providing to all contemporary craftsmen and artists the same material as their own ancestors.

For over 60 years, the Dionysso Marble Company has been the link between the past and the present by producing this marble of eternal value. Furthermore, it produces, processes and provides the local and international market with a great variety of natural stones of all colors.

In 1989, the Landscape Architecture Biennale of Barcelona awarded Dionysso Marble Company with its 12th international prize, amongst 785 participants from all over the world. Until this very day, following approved environmental studies, the company has  transferred large quantities of soil, installed 50,000 meters of automatic drip irrigation and has generously planted over 80,000 various kinds trees.


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