Mount Ymmitos

Mount Ymmitos

Mount Ymmitos is 18 km southeast of Athens and is a huge green mountain famous for its thyme-scented honey - protected by the NATURA 2000 European network.

Mount Ymmitos is covered with pine trees, more than 50 caves, old monasteries scattered all over the hillside and over 20 marked footpaths, offering magnificent views in just a 10-minute drive from downtown Athens.

It is also a formidable bird-watching area, attracting abundant species with flora that numbers over 600 kinds of plants and one of the richest assortments of orchids in Europe. Ymmitos rises to the height 1,206 meters with visible ruins of ancient temples dedicated to Zeus and Apollo, an ancient marble quarry and an ancient well that still keeps good quality water. The beautiful Monastery of Kaisariani is a popular spot for a picnic, especially on the weekends. From a large number of caves the most impressive are Koutouki Cave situated on the eastern slopes above Paiania and Lion Cave, a lion's nest according to the local tradition which is 50 meters long with 2 stalagmites in the middle and is situated on the eastern side of the mountain.

Height of Mount Ymmitos: 1,206 m


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