Stavros Niarchos Park

Stavros Niarchos Park

The Stavros Niarchos Park is a welcoming and open space park with an area of ​​170 acres, which reflects the aspects of the Greek countryside.

Access to the park is exactly the same as the access to the culture center (by shuttle bus, by bus, by tram or by car).

For the better browsing of the park, we recommend starting from the entrance at Demosthenous Street and, even better, try bringing a bicycle in order to fully admire all the beauty of the park with even better ease.

Entering the park (from Demosthenous Street), the first thing you will encounter is the running track and just below it the outdoor fitness equipment - everything it takes for those who want to work out in nature. As for children, there are specially advanced playgrounds found around almost all over the park.

The park is known for the enormous variety of plants that are found scattered throughout the premises (1400 trees and 28,000 bushes). Pay special attention to the wooded circular Labyrinth and the Mediterranean garden, where the highlighted plants are inextricably linked with Greece - such as sage, oregano, thyme, rosemary, lavender, etc.


What is most noteworthy and special (one-of-a-kind in all of Europe) is the fact that the actual park is built upon a gradual incline that eventually reaches the visitor to be directly above the National Opera building! Moreover, the 100m x 100m photovoltaic canopy is an engineering and construction work of art, supported by 40 sinewy metal pillars. It makes a fascinating addition to the city skyline. The summit offers spectacular 360-degree views of the sea to the west, the Acropolis to the east, and the cultural and educational park below, as well as of the Agora, the central plaza between the National Library and the Opera House. Another prize-winning piece of architecture is the Park’s summit: a 900 m2 glass-walled Lighthouse, a space for people seeking a quiet area to read and reflect or to appreciate the view but also an ideal space for events and exhibitions.

For chess fans, there are specially designed chess boards in the soil with life-sized pieces to make the game even more fun. Afterward, you can navigate to the surrounding green spaces. Some have sheltered areas in case of a sudden rain / bad weather, while others - such as the Glade - are completely open spaces. Moreover, during the summer months, there are film screenings and open-air concerts in these areas.

Finally, before leaving the park, do not forget to see the artificial canal, which is often utilized for sailing and kayaking lessons. Also visit the “Esplanada”, which is ideal for jogging, biking, and other activities.

Entrance - as the culture center - is free for all. The hours of operations of the park are Monday to Sunday: 06:00-20:00 for Winter Season (1/11 – 31/03) and 06:00-00:00 for Summer Season (1/04 – 31/10). Don’t forget, if you want to observe a guided tour you can go every Thursday at 13:00 (sign up at