Syntagma & Surrounding Area

Syntagma & Surrounding Area

Syntagma (also known as Syntagma Square) is located directly across from the Hellenic Parliament building, between the Avenue of Vassilis Amalias, King George Street and Othonos Street.

Syntagma means "Constitution" but it usually refers to the area around the Syntagma Square. No question, this is the most central "Hub" of the City of Athens - both in terms of transport and culture.

Almost all of major events in modern Greek history have brought citizens together here. When the country's Military Junta government was overthrown in 1974, it was at the square that the new leader of Greece, Konstantinos Karamanlis, gave his first speech.

Evzones on Syntagma Square

The most prominent spot is the Parliament Building, which was first utilized as the Royal Palace of King Otto.

The square was formerly called Palace Square. This changed when, in 1843, King Otto was compelled to give a constitution to the people of Greece after a grand uprising during and the square was renamed Syntagma Square.

Syntagma Square Athens

Presently, Syntagma Square is the epicenter of political rallies and demonstrations but it's also a central gathering place for young and old in Athens.

Notably, the squarewas given a face-lift, with newly polished marble, finely trimmed gardens and and a spreading of the pedestrian area.

The Square

Syntagma Square

The eastern side of the Square is higher than the western, and dominated by a set of marble steps leading to Vasilissis Amalias Avenue; beneath these lies the Syntagma Metro Station.

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The Parliament

Hellenic Parliament

The Parliament of Greece is housed in the famous neoclassical building of Syntagma Square. The construction of the building was created after the transfer of the capital of the young Greek Government from Nafplio (Pelop's Island) to Athens, intended to be used as the home of King Otto.

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The Metro Station

Syntagma Metro Station

Inaugurated on January 28th, 2000. The Syntagma Metro Station serves line 2 (red line) and line 3 (blue line) of Athens Metro.

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What to see?

Evzones Athens

Syntagma Square and the surrounding area offer numerous spots to enjoy such as neoclassical buildings, museums, monuments, churches, squares, parks, and more. There is something going on in this area at any time of day or night. One of the regular main attraction for visitors are the Evzones. They are members of the presidential guard dressed in traditional uniforms stand vigil at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in front of the Parliament. The hourly 'Changing of the Guard' ceremony is a must-see!

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Where to shop?

Of course, there are unlimited shopping possibilities in the center of Athens, especially around Syntagma Square. Ermou Street, Voukourestiou Street and Mitropoleos Street are just a few examples.

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Where to eat?

Syntagma is known for its diverse and eclectic dining scene, offering a plethora of options for food enthusiasts and gastronomes alike. From traditional Greek tavernas serving mouthwatering souvlaki and tzatziki, to trendy cafes offering artisanal pastries, snack bars and specialty coffees, Syntagma has it all.

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