The district of Koukaki is located on the southeast side of Filopappou Hill in Athens. It borders on the areas of Petralona and Neos Kosmos - Kallithea and Petralona from the south - north of Plaka and the famous area of Acropolis.

The main avenue of Koukaki, that separates it  from Neos Kosmos is Syngrou. Its main streets are Drakou, Falirou, G. Olympiou, Veikou and Dimitrakopoulou leading to the pretty well known Koukaki Square.

Koukaki took its name from a famous old manufacturer of beds, named "Koukakis", that functioned during the pre-war period on Syngrou Avenue.

The area is well connected to public transport via Athens Metro (Acropolis and Syngrou-Fix Stations), Athens Tram lines (Syntagma - SEF/Syntagma - Kolimvitirio) and buses and Athens Trolley buses.

Koukaki is considered an artistic hub. It's a destination for a lot of interesting people that has several interesting neoclassical buildings to view and places to walk. Cafés, interesting shops and art galleries abound here, and, of course, it isn't too far from downtown.