When is the Right Season for Wedding in Greece?

When is the Right Season for Wedding in Greece?

Is there a right season for a wedding in Greece? Probably not. Each season and every place have its own beauty. Greece and, especially all Southern Greece has a stable climate and sunshine throughout the year!

Statistically, most weddings take place during the months of May to September. Besides some minor difficulties, a wedding can take place at any time of the year. It's all about the temperament and the wishes of the couple. The marriage could also be identified with very important moments that are significant to the couple. Perhaps it's the date they met, before the turn of the year, or even Valentine's Day. Besides, where there are love, harmony and proper organization, the result will be great.

Autumn wedding in Greece
It seems like the ideal period for most. Usually, the weather is mild, neither too cold nor too hot. The wedding ceremony can even take place on an island, for example, Crete or Rhodos - where the beaches are open for operations until November. Particularly interesting is the fact that because of the season, prices will be more affordable. Moreover, there will not be as many tourists and the services will clearly be at higher levels of quality.

Winter wedding in Greece
If you like the winter atmosphere, you should perform the ceremony around Christmas time. The landscape looks so romantic and idyllic when snow is involved – for example somewhere in Arachova. What we like most about the holiday season can become part of a Christmas wedding. Even the desserts! Especially if it is combined with a honeymoon in a mountainous area of ​​Greece. Besides, it will be a little more affordable since Winter is a low season. It is customary to have many engagements around December and the wedding ceremonies in the Spring or Summer.

Spring wedding in Greece
Spring is a pleasant time of the year, especially in the big cities. Everything is blooming, the moods are higher and the choices of wedding gowns and decorations are plentiful. The advantage of urban areas is that even if the weather is not great, you will not struggle since there are many options available. One choice for a spring wedding in Athens could be the gorgeous rooftop in one of the many luxury hotels with a view of the Acropolis Hill. Or, how about a wedding ceremony at sunset in the church of Lycabettus Hill, with the city of Athens underneath it? Followed by cocktail under the stars!

Summer wedding in Greece
Considered the best time! Easily combined with vacation, the sun, and the sea. Most wedding ceremonies take place during the Summer, with increasing preference the month of June. Many of them integrate the local wedding customs and traditions. For example, hometown delicacies, ceremonies in churches - where access is either by boats or donkeys. The summer landscape and the whole atmosphere evoke strong emotions that create life time experiences. The style choices are and the concepts are countless.