Same-Gender Weddings in Greece

Same-Gender Weddings in Greece

At present, there is no provision in Greece allowing the possibility of adoption or civil wedding for same-sex couples. The solution to this issue is one sided and is none other than the well-known "cohabitation contract".

The cohabitation contract for same-sex couples was enacted by the Hellenic Parliament in December of 2015. The legislation provides for the recognition of familial relationships for same-sex couples identical to those of heterosexual couples.

The Greek National Commission for Human Rights (GNCHR) is the independent advisory body to the Greek State on matters pertaining to human rights protection. It notes that a wedding primarily aims to protect the union of 2 persons who choose to get married and not to protect the institution of marriage itself as an objective situation which must be perpetuated unchanged to remain as it was before. By a Ministerial Decision, the opportunity was given to same-sex couples to have inheritance, insurance, and pension rights from one another, and have all the rights enjoyed by civil servants. For same-sex couples, the companion is not recognized as a parent of a child acquired by the other partner. No provision is made for joint parenthood unless the couple is married. The cohabitation pact can be terminated after 3 months either by agreement or by unilateral extrajudicial.


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Same-Gender Weddings in Greece

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