Academy of Athens

Academy of Athens

The Academy of Athens is one of the most important neoclassical buildings in Europe, designed by the Danish architect, Theophilus Hansen. The erection of the building began in 1859 and was completed under the supervision of Ernst Ziller in 1887.

The Academy of Athens is part of the "Athenian Trilogy": Academy of Athens - University of Athens - National Library. The central part of the building is emphasized according to size and synthesis and has the appearance of an Ionian temple, with six columns and a gable. The propylaia have elements from the eastern side of Erechtheio, for this reason Hansen had done thorough studies.

Two sides, also in Ionian style, frame the central area of the conference room, while the main floor is made of marble and is standing on a pedestal of Piraeus stone. The dominant material is marble.

The sculpture decoration was created by the sculptors, Leonidas Drosis, Ioannis Kossos and Georgios Vitalis, while the sculptures of the eight gables were designed by Hansen and were made by Franz Melnitzki.

The highest intellectual institution of the country, the National Academy, was established in 1926 and was housed in the neoclassical building, which was erected during the previous century for this particular reason with expenditures covered by the national benefactor, Simon Sinas. It cost more than 3.000.000 drachmas of that era.