Architecture of Metro Line 2: (Red Line)

Architecture of Metro Line 2: (Red Line)

Hence, we have to begin our reference with the most impressive station of Attiko Metro, the one of "Syntagma". The existence of levels here aids in the showing of all the exhibits, with the "Clock of Metro" (work of Thodoros), a large archaelogical section of 42 m long and a Roman mosaic floor on the first level.

On the surface of the Syntagma Station, you will find the work of George Zogopoulos, "Aithrio".

Looking at Line 2 from north to south, we meet the well known "Little People" (Anthropakia) by Gianni Gaiti on the platform of the Larisa Station – the side towards Omonoia – and the "Myth of my Neighborhood" by Alekos Fasianos on the first level of Metaxourgio Station. In the Panepistimio Station there are wall schemes by Giannis Moralis and exhibits of archaelogical finds from the excavation (also, there is a relevant photograph on a wall of the Station, next to the showcases).

On the platforms of the Acropolis Station, there are replications of the frieze of Parthenon and the enlargement of a water-color by Wilhelm von Weiler from 1834-36 that portrays the Military Hospital, one of the first neoclassical buildings of Athens, located in the junction of the streets of Makrygianni & Dionysiou Areopagitou. Furthermore, there are showcases of archeological exhibits and stratigraphy on the second level of the Station, and a photograph of a shaft with archeological finds.

Finally, on each of the two platforms, there are photographs of Melina Merkouri, who, as an artist, minister and international representative abroad, was one of the first who asked for the return of the Parthenon Marbles to Greece.

On the central front of the first level of the Sygrou-Fix Station there are works specially created for the depot by Takis: "Bright Signals" and the "Photovoltaic Energy". Moreover, at the Dafni Station there is a small stratigraphy, a miniature of archeological excavation, as well as a piece by Dimitris Mytaras titled, "Dexileos", that consists of four units.


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