Omonoia & Surrounding Area

Omonoia & Surrounding Area

Omonoia Square is the 2nd biggest square of Athens and one of the most central location in the city. It provides a role as the intersection of 6 major arteries going to different directions of the city.

The following streets are accessible from the Omonoia square: Athinas Street, Pireos Street, Agiou Konstantinou Street, 3rd September Street, Eleftherios Venizelos Street and Stadiou Street.

Originally built in 1846 for the purpose of becoming the "Plateia Anaktoron" (def. "Palace Square") - as intended by  the architects Stamatios Kleanthis and Eduard Schaubert - for the area of which King Otto's palace was to be placed, before finally settling in Syntagma Square.

For this reason, the square was renamed "Othonos Square", but after 1862, finally became known as "Omonoia Square". The name is derived from the fact that opposing political leaders gave a historic oath of 'omonoia' (def. 'peace').

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