One of the most brilliant and beloved destinations in the Athenian southern suburbs, an absolute choice for amusement and relaxation, is Glyfada.

Glyfada - this famous coastal area was priorly named "Aixoni". The region was well known for a traditional regional fish, named "barbouni", that was found in the nearby sea. In the beginning of the 20th Century, Aixoni was renamed as Glyfada, due to a water well, which had brackish water.

Glyfada is crossed by Vouliagmenis Avenue, a wide central street that divides the town in Ano ("upper") Glyfada and Kato ("lower") Glyfada.


Ano Glyfada, well known as 'Terpsithea', began to be developed from 1960. In Kato Glyfada a great abundance of commercial centers, pools, beautiful parks for relaxation and exercising are found. Moreover, innumerable choices of amusement, famous restaurants and cozy coffee bars are in abundance.

Ano Glyfada constitutes beautiful bungalows and impressive luxurious residences, quiet green neighborhoods and more commercial centers, coffeeshops and bars. One could characterize Glyfada as the Athens version of Miami. This is an extremely lively suburb and a major shopping area with hundreds of stores within easy walking distance.

Almost all visitors love Glyfada at first sight for its style and glamour. Don’t miss walking in the pedestrian zone of Poseidonos Avenue by the sea, with the astonishing light blue view, for bicycling, relaxing or jogging. Glyfada has a well-developed public transport network. Buses, the Athens Tram in Glyfada and underground Athens Metro at Elliniko will take you almost anywhere in the city in no time at all. The area has a variety of sport facilities - such as a golf course, swimming pools, tennis, soccer and basketball courts.

Most importantly, Glyfada has 4 marinas, intellectual centers, athletic organizations, ten athletic associations, as well as cultural institutions. The most famous beach in the area is "Asteria Glyfadas", which is open from 9 in the morning up to 8 in the evening.

Geographically, Glyfada is separated into the following regions: Ano Glyfada, Terpsithea, Evriali, Aigli, Aixoni, Dikigorika, Kato Glyfada (center of the city) and Agios Nikolaos. Borders on districts Elliniko, Argyroypolis and Voula / Vouliagmeni. Glyfada's distance from downtown Athens is approximately 14 kilometers. It is a full-scale energetic city, with a landscape of incomparable beauty, graphic coasts and picturesque shorelines, that combines mountain and sea.

Neighbooring Glyfada are the areas of Voula, Vouliagmeni and its well known Lake Vouliagmenis, Varkiza, Agia  Marina, Lagonissi, Saronida. Thimari, Xarakas, Legraina, Kavouri. All of these locations provide wonderful beaches, where you can enjoy a great swim.

Sounio is definitely a "must" do attraction. Only 40 minutes from Glyfada, visitors should not miss the amazing Temple of Poseidon and its breathtaking view. The beauty of the blue sky and the sea in combination with the historicity of the monument is sure to impress.

A new innovative idea, ideal for pleasure and relaxation is the Ecological Park of Evrialis, which is in close distance from the golf course. Situated in street Venizelou, it's a donation of the Martinou shipowner family. Enjoy a coffee or a cool beer in the small cafe, inside the premises at the refreshment stand. Furthermore, the park has a renovated playground for children. Don't miss the chance to relax in this natural oasis.