Monastiraki Square

Monastiraki Square

The famous Monastiraki Square is located at the junction of Athinas Street and Ermou Street, under which the Metro Station is found.

The most recent addition to the image of Monastiraki is the square that completed construction on 2008. It consists of a multicolored mosaic which refers to the multiculturalism of the area.

Turning onto Areos Street, you will meet the old Tzistarakis Mosque, which now houses the Annex to the Greek Folk Art Museum and move towards Plaka - where the Basilica of Pantanassa from the 9th Century B.C. and the view of Eridanos River were found during expansion works. Here, visitors can see the ancient river from the new 6 meter deep opening of the square.

The square is a reference point both for foreigners and Greeks. Meeting point for walks, entertainment and shopping. But because there are a lot of people, you have to define the point of meeting to avoid getting lost in the crowds. The narrow streets of the area, one of the most touristic areas of the capital, have an enormous interest because you can find souvenirs, imaginative jewelry, and accessories made of leather to dress your clothes or your handmade creations.

Street food, coffee, dinner and sweet cocktails on terraces are the options that the visitor has during his outing. Extra bonus: the exquisite view of the Acropolis Hill, the music, and the sidewalk events taking place morning and evening outside the station. Tourists eat wrapped souvlaki with potatoes, tomatoes and sauce, sitting back watching the happenings in the area.