Petralona is a well known urban district in the center of Athens. The neighborhood is divided into 2 areas, Upper ("Ano") and Lower ("Kato") Petralona, separated from the lines of Athens Railway (Piraeus-Kifissia).

Petralona is extended by Pireos Street up to Philopappou Hill and by the Chamosternas Road up to the Poulopoulou bridge. The district is in the northern area of Tavros and Kallithea. On its eastern side the area is close to Koukaki, north-eastern to Thissio and north-western to Gazi.

The neighborhood of Petralona is divided into 2 areas, Upper ("Ano") and Lower ("Kato") Petralona, separated from the lines of Athens Metro (Piraeus-Kifissia). The area took its name due to the threshing (separation of grain) that took place there.

The Ano Petralona area is on the eastern side of the metro/railway and Kato Petralona on the west side. It's definitely worth visiting a beautiful area, named "Sinikia to Oneiro" (def. "District of a dream"), in Ano Petralona, or else named "Asyrmatos" (def. "wireless"), where refugees from the Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey (formerly Armenia) initially lived.

During the 1950s, the famous "Stone Houses" of Queen Frederica were built in the then aristocratic neighborhood of Ano Petralona, that resemble a beautifully adorable traditional village in the center of the Greek capital. In general, you will definitely enjoy exploring this amazing area and observing its many neoclassical houses.

Ano Petralona is like a small paradise close to the center, surrounded by greenery and silence, narrow paths and impressive detached houses. A hospitable neighborhood with happy and gentile residents and many local supermarkets as well as weekly open-air farmer's market.

The park of the area is located in Ano Petralona, in a lovely green environment with volleyball & basketball courts - while during the summertime open-air concerts and other musical performances are hosted. Petralona Parkland is ideal for experiencing natural life, hiking or jogging. Close to Ano Petralona is Philopappou Hill, from where you may admire a spectacular view of Athens.

The Kato Petralona area is busier and noisy, but also interesting and challenging to explore. The neighborhood attracts people from all parts of Athens who enjoy its cozy atmosphere - ideal for having relaxing moments and taking pleasure in its various alternatives of food and drinks.

If you are interested in exploring something different you should visit the "Mentis Fiber Plant". By the way, if you are a cycling enthusiast, Kato Petralona is ideal for you, because the pedestrian zone near the railway is zoned for riders.

The entire district is well connected to public transport via railway and buses, such as the Petralona Station. Its main streets are Dimofontos, Troon, Trion Ierarxon, Thessalonikis, Aristovoulou, Nefeli Square, Merkouri Square, Dryopon, and Kallisthenous.